Why Did My Gas Fireplace Stop Working?

There are several benefits you can get from gas fireplaces. You can control them with ease. Also, they are sure to give you efficient at heating as well as clean-burning. However, you may still get some issues. Then, you have to handle them.

In this article, we will let you know about some common problems you can get with your fireplaces. At the same time, we also give you our solutions. 

Why Won’t Your Gas Fireplace Stop Working?

There are some problems your fireplace cannot ignite. Here are some potential reasons:

Old Batteries

You can get a remote or a receiver running on batteries. It depends on your fireplace’s type. Once its battery is dead, it can stop working. Therefore, it is essential to check your batteries to make sure you haven’t to get a fresh set. 

Tripped Circuit Breakers 

If there is too much current running through the electrical wiring in your house, you need to cut off the flow of power. Otherwise, the circuit may overheat. It is essential to check your breaker box. Then, reset all the tripped breakers. 

Gas Valves

Make sure you open your gas valve to ensure its gas flow to your fireplace. You should place it in the firebox. For an older unit, you should place a key in the wall nearby.

Pilot Light

The interrupted flow of gas can blow the pilot lights out. Therefore, you need to follow the instruction of the manufacturer carefully when relighting it. Besides, you may also get problems with a dirty pilot light orifice due to a buildup of dirt or soot. 

Thermopile, Thermocouple, and Wiring

Make sure you screw the thermocouple in tightly and in the right position. For the thermopile, it generates an electric voltage.

You can find them on newer gas fireplace units. If you have to replace a component, you should call a professional to solve it. They will help you fix any loose or inadequate wiring.


The thermostat must be set properly. The problem is that it is set lower compared to the temperature in the room. Then, you need to adjust it to the right temperature to handle the ignition problem.

Why Does Your Gas Fireplace Smell?

If you have a new fireplace, it may be off-gassing due to residual factory paints burning off. This issue will leave after a few fires. However, you need to check if your chimney is cleaned if the smell persists. 

If this smell is gas, you may face a gas leak. Then, you need to shut off your fireplace. Also, it is essential to call a professional technician or your gas company. 

Why Does a Gas Fireplace Make a Noise?

You may get unusual noises from gas fireplaces because of external issues.

Rumbling or Roaring Noise

This may be a problem with your pilot light. You will need to adjust the flame to check if this handles the problem. Moreover, make sure you have clean burners. This kind of sound may be caused by dirty burners. 

Grinding or Shrieking Noise

Your blower may cause this issue. To solve it, you should call a technician to check if you need to replace it. 


We have just given you some tips and diagnoses for your gas fireplace issues. Above, you can see all the common reasons why your gas fireplace stops working.

You can handle them yourself. However, you should call a professional to service your model if you have is a serious problem. We hope our sharing is useful for you. 

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